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Barcelona Institute for Global Health

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The Barcelona Institute for Global Health - ISGlobal (located in Barcelona, Spain) is a cutting-edge institution with capacity to address global public health challenges through research, translation and education, with 385 members from 31 different countries. ISGlobal has an ambitious vision as a world-class centre in research, translation and education in Global Health, working towards a world in which all people can enjoy health, and committed to improve global health and promote health equity.

ISGlobal is also actively involved in providing scientific knowledge and translation to effectively support local, regional and state policies and programs in the field of health, urban planning and environment and international cooperation. ISGlobal leads a broad variety of outreach and responsible research and innovation activities, aiming at bringing science and innovation closer to communities’ and citizen’s needs and expectations.

ISGlobal approach is multidisciplinary, ranging from the molecular to the population level and including disciplines across health sciences, life sciences, environmental, social, economic and climate sciences.

ISGlobal’s role in ENGAGE project

The radiation programme of ISGlobal (lead by Elisabeth Cardis) is participating in WP1, WP2 (case studies in Medical field and Emergencies), WP3 (task 3.1.) and WP4 (dissemination activities) of the ENGAGE project.

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