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Management and coordination

Partners involved: SCK CEN (Lead) - CEPN - JSI (SEC) - VUJE - BFS - EIMV


The aim of the management and coordination WP is to ensure a good coordination of the project activities, the timely delivery of all project deliverables, and the efficient interaction between the different work packages. Management of the project is enacted by the project Management Board and the secretariat (SEC). A Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) will provide advice concerning project activities throughout the entire duration of the project. The members of the SAB may include members of the radiation protection platforms, international organisations (OECD-NEA), civil society organisations or academia.

Meeting points are foreseen during the project as follows:
  • Kick-off meeting (Month 1)
  • Intermediate project meetings at Month 6 and Month 18
  • Final meeting at dissemination workshop

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